The data service for vendors refers to the service model in which CFETS provides data to licensed vendors, and vendors display data to clients through their information terminals or provide feed service to clients.

 Main Products

 Snapshot Market Data:  Including interbank foreign exchange market data, interbank RMB market  data (money market, bond market and RMB derivatives market) and gold  bilateral transactions data, and providing snapshot quotes and  transaction prices updated every minute.

 Real Time Market Data: Real time interbank foreign exchange market data, providing tick by tick quotes and transaction prices.

 Benchmark Data: Including interbank foreign exchange market and interbank RMB market reference benchmark updated timely.

 Broker Data: Real time quotes of Shanghai CFETS-ICAP International Money Broking Co., Ltd.


The data range of Licensed Vendors’feed service is Benchmark Data and RMB&FX End Of Day Data.

No information service institution shall publish CFETS data without obtaining written permission from CFETS in advance.  

I. Qualification Required

Applicant information vendors shall meet the following conditions:

(1) Legally established and having a business license and an information  operating license verified and issued by the competent authorities;

(2) Possessing their own information service system and having a feasible  commercial plan for providing a reliable service to the market;

(3) Able to develop and maintain software independently or outsource it to  institutions with the ability to handle software development and  maintenance;

(4) Having effective supervision and control mechanism for the use and  dissemination of information, with a supervision and control center, and  software and hardware engineers;

(5) Sound financial status; and

(6) No record of violating rules on the use of relevant CFETS information  or contracts with CFETS over the last 2 years, and no poor record of  commercial behavior for company itself, parent company/ controlling  shareholder, subsidiary company/ holding company, and associated company  over the last 2 years.

II. Applicants Shall Provide the Following Materials to CFETS

(1) Application Form, including attachments such as background information  of the applicant institution, a publication plan or an introduction to  how products or services will be developed using CFETS data, a  description of its technical framework, data distribution and management  measure, and business promotion plan;

(2) The duplicate of its latest Corporate Legal Person Business License,  Institutional Identification Code Certificate and Tax Registration  Certificate, all of which have been subject to an annual examination  (photocopies shall be stamped with the official seal);

(3) Relevant financial documentation including a capital contribution  certificate, a capital verification report, an audited financial report  for the last financial year, etc. (copies shall be stamped with the  official seal);

(4) A business license for data or information business or a reply document  from the relevant competent authority (photocopies shall be stamped  with the official seal);

(5) A statement confirming that it has no record of adverse commercial operations over the last 2 years; and

(6) Other materials required by CFETS.

III. Application Process

(1) The applicant diligently fills in the Application Form for vendors and submits the relevant application materials to CFETS;

(2) CFETS signs a Licensing Agreement and a permission form on Data  Distribution with the applicant after completing the examination and  verification process;

(3) The applicant submits a CFETS Market Data Service Dedicated Line Access  Application Form and CFETS assists the applicant to complete matters  relating to dedicated line access;

(4) For applicants that need to develop their data interface, CFETS  provides relevant technical files to support them in developing  application programs, as well as providing relevant technical support  and a test environment to support applicant testing. After the applicant  development phase has been completed, CFETS schedules an interface  acceptance test for the applicant;

(5) CFETS receives the signed cooperation agreement and permission form,  dedicated line access work is completed, the applicant completes  interface development work and passes the test, and CFETS enables  corresponding permissions and informs applicants;

(6) CFETS publishes the vendor's name on www.

IV. Contact Details




Terminal Information Product

Data Distribution Scope


Bloomberg Finance L.P*

FX(Real Time Data,Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark,Broker(




Refinitiv Asia Pte Ltd*

FX(Real Time Data, Snapshot Data),RMB, Benchmark,Broker(




Wind Information Co., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB-Derivative Market,Benchmark

Mainland China

RMB-Money Market,RMB-Bond Market



Financial China Information &Technology Co., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark

Mainland China


East Money Information Co., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark

Mainland China


Hithink Royaflush Information Network co., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark

Mainland China


Shanghai Hundsun Juyuan Data Service Co., Ltd*


Mainland China


Shanghai Purang Financial Services Co., Ltd

RMB-Money Market

Mainland China


SumscopeCo., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark

Mainland China


China Economic Information Service Co., Ltd*

FX(Snapshot Data),RMB,Benchmark

Mainland China


Huanqing Information Technology Co., Ltd


Mainland China

Note: The Terminal Licensed Vendors with “*” are also Datafeed Licensed Vendors.

     The FX Real Time Data doesn’t distinguish the Data Distribution Scope.

The list of Vendors, with no particular order, was updated on March, 2022.