Service Recipients

Media, including print media and website media.

Data Content and Means of Supply

 Print Media

Monthly Interbank Market Data (please click here to download a sample)CFETS will, at the beginning of each month, upload the data for the immediately preceding month and supply the same to the authorized print media by email.

 Website Media

The authorized website media may make excerpts from the following data published on and (

l the  data published in the sub-sections “Quotes and Prices”, “Daily  Bulletin” and “Monthly Bulletin” under the section “Market Data” of;

l the data published in the sections “Benchmarks” of of which only in Chinese version;

l the data punished in the section “Data Services” of The  authorized website media may publish excerpts from the data listed  above, but may not obtain the data by means of batch downloading or  hotlinks to documents or images or otherwise.

Application and Authorization

 The  media desiring to obtain the data shall submit applications to CFETS,  and may download and make  excerpts from the data only upon approval and  authorization by CFETS.  Please refer to the sub-section “How to Apply”  for the application process and documents.  No authorized media may make  excerpts from, reprint or publish any published or unpublished CFETS  data or information other than the data expressly authorized by CFETS.

 The  media authorized by CFETS must indicate clearly that the data source is  CFETS when reprinting or publishing the data mentioned above.

 No media may reprint or publish the CFETS data except with the written authorization from CFETS.

1. Application Process

(1) An applicant may download a Print Media Data Services Application or  Website Data Reprint Authorization Application (as the case may be),  have the application signed and sealed and submit the application to  CFETS in two copies, together with such other relevant materials as may  be required by CFETS.

(2) CFETS will examine the materials submitted by the applicant, and if the  applicant meets the requirements, CFETS will grant an authorization to  the applicant, send by mail the application sealed by it to the  applicant and notify by email the applicant of the means of obtaining  the data and the username and password.

(3) The authorized website media shall, before publishing the media data,  submit the layout of the media data to be published to CFETS in advance.

2. Contact Information