Business Guidance 

 Participants  Offshore RMB
Clearing Banks
 Offshore Participating Banks  Foreign Central Banks
and Similar Institutions
 Channel   Directly participating in China interbank FX Market as foreign members   The institutions may access China Interbank FX Market through one or more of the following three channels:
1. Entrust PBC as agent;
2. Directly participate in China Interbank FX Market as foreign members;
3. Entrust interbank FX market member(s) as agent(s). 
 Trading Products  All listed products, including spot, forward, swap, CCS and option.
Trading Currencies
All currency pairs listed for trading in China interbank FX Market.
 Trading Model  Bilateral and anonymous.
 Network Connection  Connect to the trading system directly via leased line or MPLS VPN. Connect to the trading system directly via leased line or MPLS VPN under directly participating model
 Trading background  RMB purchases and sales business   
Quota No limit
 Derivatives Master Agreement  ISDA or NAFMII   
 Information Reporting to CFETS    Offshore Participating Banks conducting RMB-FX transactions through CFETS trading system shall report related details of RMB purchases and sales through the information reporting panel in CFETS Post-trade Processing Platform at the end of each trading day.   

Name List for Group Centralizing CNF-FX Business 

Policy Framework 

Trading Rules 

Money Market

Bond Market

Derivative Market