The China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) offers market data service for interbank market members, vendors, media and other customers.

Service content

The data service we provide covers the interbank foreign exchange market, the money market, the bond market and the derivative market, and includes quotation data, basic data, benchmark data and other value-added data.         

Type of service 

 Data service for market members

 Data service for information vendors

 Data service for media organizations      

 Data service for other customers

China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) market data refers to all trade-related information or data produced from trading activity in all CFETS markets, which includes but are not limited to market data, fundamental data, statistical data, historic data, benchmark data, announcements, circulars, and all kinds of relevant information authorized or required by authorities on all relevant markets and products produced from trading or information platforms within CFETS.   

Any institution or individual that needs to use CFETS market data should submit an application to CFETS and obtain a written license or authorization from CFETS. Licensed or authorized institutions or individuals shall use data strictly in accordance with the terms of the information license/service agreement signed with CFETS and relevant CFETS data service provisions.

No institution or individual shall copy, transmit, save, use, publish, sell, permit others to use or process CFETS market data, nor develop or produce work derived therefrom in any form without written permission from CFETS.


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