Market Data

CFETS Data Mine is a comprehensive data hub for investors focusing on China Interbank Market, covering money market, bond market, FX market and derivatives market. It offers both graphical displays of data stream and daily turnover review of major markets traded by various participants.

1.CFETS Data Mine -Basic 

Intraday Data

CFETS Data Mine offers intraday data for money market, bond market and FX market.


Intraday Data for Money Market

Intraday Data for Bond Market

Intraday Data for FX Market

Key Features:

Track market moves and identify trading triggers using the real-time data.

Customized data that can help detect current or forward risk.

Market strategy that can be traced for market makers, prop traders and etc.

Accumulated trading volumes and deals for individual bond.

EOD Data

CFETS Data Mine offers End-of-Day data for money market, bond market and FX market.


Money Market EOD

Bond Market EOD

NCD Market EOD

FX Market EOD

Key Features:

Complete data base guarantees the access to have the overview of the China Interbank Market.

Detailed trading records traced back to various institution types.

Access to market benchmarks suggested by regulatory bodies.

Data eligible for primary and secondary market for NCD market.

2.CFETS Data Mine- Advanced 

CFETS DATA Mine provides insightful analysis to facilitate trading with visual aid and data support.


Cash Bond Trade Report— Active Bond

Cash Bond Trade Report--- Industry Credit Bond

Cash Bond Trade Report--- Legal Entity

Money Market Trade Report--- Pledged Repo

Money Market Trade Report--- Outright Repo

FX Swap Market Trade Report

FX Option Market Trade Report

FCL Market Trade Report

Key Features:

Data visualization with graphic features for demonstration

Variety of data tools to facilitate analysis

Comparable performance to assess trading transaction

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